$NK Not sure if we will get any government funding at this point. That being said, I have every confidence in PSS and his team. Assuming he gets no funding, and, in the end, he has the secret sauce for Covid that proves itself to be the best in class, that would be quite the marketing nightmare for the Republicans especially when we are about 100 days away from elections. Everyone knows Gary Newsom is a Democrat and to have PSS in his own backyard and part of his California Covid team, it would be a mess for Republicans to have wasted huge tax dollars on companies that missed the dart board, and they would look the fool. Democrats would push the message that Republicans were blinded by politics/friends and misappropriated tax dollars, all the while the real solution was in front of their eyes. Somehow, I highly doubt that will be the case. So if PSS/NK/IB has the goods, we will get the funding. If not then I suspect we should focus on Cancer not Covid. JMHO
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