$SHIP $CTRM you are both so counter productive towards each other. if your in ship great! if your in CTRM also great! if your in both. smart! but buying one and bashing the other is just plain stupid. because neither will run at that rate. be a bull, or be a bear, just don't be an annoying bull-a-bear! lol carry on
@GreenerPasture Bash is another way of telling the truth... I think? I think SHIP is in for some stormy weather when Q4 comes out. Q1 is supposed to save it since rates should go up, but really, they need $30,000 a day just to make Q1 look better than it is right now. Break even is $17k a day for capesize but so far they are averaging around $15k, rates are $13k. Main reason CEO came out with those 44 million shares to handle the rough weather. Good for him but shareholders are left holding the bag... the old ones since June and the new ones since yesterday. Panamax is doing fine for rates @$24,000 a day. Probably hold for quite a long while and probably rise for the rest of the year. Q4 is on March 3rd for $CTRM. Lets look into that winner if money is your issue..