$SPY i am just glad to here from someone else the FACT that the bases hit were useless targets ( only old not currently used hardware with minimal staffing) as I have a BIL with DIRECT knowledge of this fact. he text me the night of the missile “saving face” action and let me know that as long as they lobbed at those two bases and not 3 others it was literally to save face. hence my tvix and uwt shorts and tqqq longs placed at 18:00 on tuesday
$SPY Iran wants to come off as some hardcore extremist badass military that will fuck over anyone that tries to fuck with us. You kill our general???! WE WILL DESTROY YOUR MILITARY BASE. But here’s what actually happened: we precision strike their general, they retaliate by shooting up an evacuated base. They know there will be hell to pay if it wasn’t. They are edging themselves so hard that they think a plane is coming to attack them and they prematurely ejaculate and blow up the commercial jet by mistake. Imagine trying to give the impression to everyone that you are a bunch of highly trained badasses and how embarrassing it must be to accidentally shoot down a commercial plane? 😂😂
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