$BAC Previous run to broke 63.8% on fibs, got off my 30c @ $28. Now 38.2 ($27.74) on fibs looks like the only thing that I see on bac giving problems Not a lot of issue to fill that 26 gap. Could see a pull to 24 depending on market. Looking to hedge on puts, my 1/21 30c and possibly add more to my long calls
@squarebear757 24.5 heavy resistance but A big open and maybe we fly right thru it to $26... we will see. If we get some whacked tweet tonight we may be going back to $24 before up again if not and watching weekend Wall Street right now we may really have a big day especially if people start moving money into this sector which is well overdue! Tech I don’t know how much more leg room it has but if it keeps pumping tonight into tomorrow we may see a huge squeeze