$ISR not sure this is the message board for that... can we just stick to relevant updates - thanks too much info? Yes.
$ISR hey ISR friends. I am doing this here because you're all strangers and I won't cry like a little baby bitch on Facebook so I'll vent where. And I want to remind all you gentlemen something. Friday my girl of 3 years gave me the boot. I lost my home, my dog, and my girl. My life is turned upside down. I am a structural engineer and make enough that I'll get back on my feet and I'll be okay but it has crushed me. I love her and I love that damn dog (in profile pic) more than anything in this world. Please guys remember to love your old lady, make sure you do things for her, and listen to her. Dont take her for granted. That's all and I'll stop being a little bitch about it. Now can I get some F***in pictures of four 100%'s to cheer me up.
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