$WTRH I holding my shares since march 3rd 2020 and I am holding for Buy Out or 1 year tax benefit at this point. In my honest opinion WTRH is growing and increasing profit only to bring the buyers they won’t be able to sustain the growth they need to compete with Doordash when they go public in a few weeks. I don’t know obviously and it’s always (speculation) like everything on here but I believe we are acquired soon after IPO hit the market to boost Doordash stock price with something g similar to this “ Doordash has entered into material agreement with WTRH for 1.2 billion $10.90 share to boost market share and increase profitability in this competitive market gaining ground in 2nd and 3rd tier markets as well as utilizing WTRHs Dine-In service in our already established pool of restaurants and businesses ”
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