$BBKCF I read many of you are selling a lot of shares at a loss after holding all summer for almost 7 months now. There is no way I'm selling 1 share at a loss, that is silly especially after holding this long with the many catalysts on the horizon, not to mention the crypto rally that usually starts in October/November. Last, why wouldn't one use the time already invested as an advantage to wait until long-term tax takes effect? That alone might add 15%+ vs short-term tax at the higher rate. If you've been holding since Feb-Mar, that's 6-7 months away.. I wouldn't be surprised if we're hitting an ATH around then primed for trimming some of your weight after averaging down. You then get to sell at the ATH, keep more of your money from taxes, and only have to file at the end of 2022.. That makes the most sense to me. This is a strong buy and anyone that can't see that isn't investing, they are looking to play the stock market like a lottery. Holding long on this one! Good luck!