$GNUS Hello bears, I want to thank you for informing everyone that want to invest in this company. Could you please let me know why you act in such a selfless manner on a Sunday morning to do this? You truly have restored my faith in humanity and I would like serious responses only as to why you go out of your way to help any potential investors. Please respond in seriousness. I would like to start doing this to help people as well and need direction. Thanks in advance.
@xombi My following comments and thoughts are based on what has been filed with SEC for 2020 Q1 ... 1. $GNUS already has 233,333,334 shares authorized, and out of which only 10% has been issued (I am anticipating an update on this when SEC filing for Q2 is complete) 2. With so many more shares available to be issued, management seeking to almost double shares authorized means only one thing - By all means avoid debt to raise cash; instead acquire assets or raise cash for operations by issuing shares. 3. I am not convinced about the amount of dilution existing shareholder will have to endure is commensurate with so mentioned upsides from accretive opportunities that lie ahead.
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