$ALBO YOUR OPINION We have FDA approval expected Tuesday the 20th, then EMA approval (most likely) the next week. What do you expect the stock price to do Tuesday the 20th, and then after EMA approval. My guess is after FDA approval SP jumps to 70$, then pulls back to 50$, then after EMA approval goes up to 60$. Pure guess on my part. I would like to hear what you are thinking. [JMHO, NOT INVESTING ADVICE]
@Blackouts @Ron_Burgundy_ @glimdbea If no one sells we wont drop after the pop. That said, we’ll pop and drop, and then pop…then drop. Eventually, we’ll either be bought for $80-100 this year, or, if we hit on all catalysts over the next 3 years we’ll be bought out for $230+
@Dux4896 @Blackouts @Ron_Burgundy_ @glimdbea “if” they receive FDA approval this week and then EU, they’re going to knock sales out of the park imo (this will be the first drug ever approved in PFIC 1,2 & 3). Then you have P3 data in AS, all their trial data has been outstanding. Their pipeline is getting deeper. I’ll say again, I could see this on a similar trajectory as BCRX, both drugs are close in price too imo. I look at market cap, no reason to think if all the above hits for ALBO that it doesn’t hold a $2 B + mkt cap in the next 6-7 months. This was BCRX mkt cap before approval & as if Friday. Again not saying 100% apples to apples, but good example what happens with a drug for a rare disease that works combined with strong management. It all starts with approval and yes stocks do go up and down, but overall trend will continue up for ALBO.