$ALBO I’m being lazy but someone may have the information at their finger tips. What are the diarrhea statistics ALBO vs MIRM? Thanks
@DrQuest it was 10% and 5% placebo for Bilvay and like 40% and 20% placebo for Maralixibat. Only in one timeframe though. So there must have been something strange with the whole population. Normally, we do not have diarrhea 20% of the time. I do not have the shits 5% of the time (thank god) and hpe so do all of us. But once people are being asked "do you feel something strange" they will! I guessthat explains 4 out of the 5% diarrhea in our placebo. But those 20% in Maralixibats control group are really much. On the other hand, these really high numbers are there and cannot be made undone completely. They will be a drawback. Remember the description of Bilvay: ...was very well tolerated. Maralixibat was something like "generally well tolerated". It doesn´t ring a bell when you see only one of them, but putting them together there is a huge difference. This is all just memorizing, i did not look it up right now. But you get the story.