------->$WSGF Whether you are familiar with penny stocks or not, I wanted to present you an unequivocal, 10,000%+ stocks. WSGF acquired Vaycachella, an app that just rolled out that connects owners and investors for vacation homes. Their projected revenue over the first year is 100 million dollars. Also, a market worth over 1.4 trillion dollars. With this revenue expectation, this would equate to a SP of $2+. Ticker change is scheduled for the next upcoming week where the change will reflect Vaycachella, "not golf" as that is what you will vision and reflect today if you strive to look. Please note the near term significance of a ticker change, as this catalyst alone, as a conservative estimate has a 300%+ elevation in $AMC $GME $OCGN $WKHS see YouTube video for a better illustration of Vaycachella. TY! youtube.com/watch?app=deskt...
@ANK834 @stidwood its obvious pump and dump. Here you are 2 hours ago talking about and encouraging otgers to spam it in other boards. Also nocve stock photo. Get that off Google?