$SPY $IWM Gotta find it interesting that the stuff like airlines, restaurants, casinos, etc that 'should' be battered by the coronavirus was up the most today after record breaking positive results.
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@stinkroach yeah welcome to the biggest hoax ever that’s my thinking. Yes it’s very contagious, yes it’s harmful, but the death rate is just not there. Is it convenient that media started covering this heavily being approximately 100 years from the influenza pandemic? I think not. Look back at those numbers and deaths and today everyone is just like ehhh the flu And even back then we’re like ehhh the flu as immunity built making symptoms less. It’s already happening here with Covid 19 and the symptoms are becoming super light and we truly dont know the real numbers because people with fevers or just a cough like symptoms and yes that’s all you could get sometimes are not self reporting and are not part of the mix at all in these statistics. Personally, I still think you should be scared more of death by flu then death by covid 19. Absolutely ridiculous.
@msutrader15 It's bad no doubt if you're at risk or 65+. Otherwise they should just issue millions of N95 masks, make everyone wear them (look at Japan, tons of people using public transit and one of the most crowded places I've ever been) and just be reasonably prudent.