$NNOX NNOX WILL HAVE FDA CLEARANCE ON OCT. 5TH MOST LIKELY. NANOX's filing for FDA clearance was submitted and accepted by the Third Party Program of FDA on September 3rd. They don't accept the filing if it does not satisfy the requirements they demanded. There was no further demand for back-up data. Approvals are announced EVERY 5TH DAY OF THE MONTH for the approvals granted during previous month. See the FDA 501K rule. So the October 5th is the most likely date for FDA clearance. This morning's happening is now known as scam attack by a crook ( his criminal activities under investigation)This thing will get back on track soon and no change in my projection this will be 70 right after FDA Clearance. The FDA 510K Clearance Rule fda.gov/medical-devices/dev.... SEC Filing 09/03/20 regarding the final submission to FDA of required data newsfilter.io/a/e51f4d4f3b1... Article on the Siltron scam change.org/p/u-s-securities...
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