$NNOX Why I believe NNOX will soon be at the core of the telehealth industry. First, See why she'll be placed at the core of telehealth industry More destructive than amazing NNOX-Arc invention is their biz model named MSaaS, pay-per-scan plan for medical agents. They plan to operate a fleet of tens of thousand units globally to bill them monthly per scan based on information collected via cloud network. Competition? No one can copy their biz model coz they can not deploy NANOX Arc-like units because of patent. IT'S GONNA BE THE MONOPOLY. Soon you'll see NNOX at the core of telehealth industry for no telehealth biz, such as TeleDoc, would be viable without partnership with her. Second, unusual readiness for a start-up with service launch set for Q1 2021, see all the contracts in place with best world players. With the units on the first deployment under existing contacts alone they will pass operational BEP. Third, Just look at their management and the advisory .
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