$SRNE Hidenburg did a huge favor.... do you even have any idea what leverage this has? First, it was not even a big dip to begin with and the stock has fully recovered, but do you even understand what this means? 1. Allowed longs to buy more at slightly lower price. 2. Allowed this entire topic about what the CEO actually said or intended to say about a "Cure" vs. "Potential Cure" is now fully digested and over. 3. Longs will now have full leverage on the next moves, e.g. news or PRs in the form of a) Animal testing initiated b) government grant received c) Peer reviews on pre-clinical data d) more podcasts, news appearance to steal the spotlight. This is a no brainer, it will be in double digits if any aforementioned occurs next week... there won't be any ammunition from the shorts to take it down. Please circulate the message for all..
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