$AYRO Sold too early but damn congrats if you’re in. 200% move since the mention 2 weeks back, $SOLO 200% move as well, $HPR 200% move, $CBAT 200% move, $TSLA got my breakout for new 52 wk highs 465-500+, beautiful plays, killer week! 🚨🚨follow up/ join our group (discord link in bio) and stay tuned for the next 200% runner 💰💰🔥🔥🔥, we’ve been catching them all.
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@ZepteR yea bro $HPR ran 200% since my mention on it, oversold low float oil play with a massive amount of shorts that got squeezed. 200%++ since my post I made on Sunday over the weekend. 🙏💪🔥🔥, me and my group find all the runs in the market, just know if a stock is up....it’s us ;) haha
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