$WWR Trending #3 on StockTwit’s.....once again, I’ve come through for you bulls on this board. This one only runs when I enter. All my stocks trend on StockTwit’s. 🚨🔥Follow the 🤴 👑 $TSLA - #1 trending, no surprise here I said tesla will be 1K by the end of 2021 and there’s no around it. According to sources, more of your naive and neophyte analysts are joining the Tesla bandwagon after trying to be bearish for so long. Reality check....Tesla doesn’t care about your bearish sentiment tutes , it’s not going to wait on you with lower prices. 1K ++ $IPOF -Other spac name of ours trending. Chamath’s largest spac deal. $IPOE had a nice rally with their merger, but this one has potential to be just as good if not better. I’m loaded on this one and been saying it’ll be a good name. $AAPL -No surprise it’s trending it’s Apple. More talks of them into EV’s. New ATH’s soon for Apple. Follow the 🤴 of stocks on ST.
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