$CRM All Tech stocks will rule and turn green from today GREEN GREEN and GREEN. There is no medicine until next year. and It takes 2021 complete year if medicine comes also. EAll tech stocks double and tripple. Just dont trust any rumors and do panic sell. keep loading as they are more low now and great big money. CRM has great market, great customers, great potential to grow and its earnings are very very high. it goes like adoble $500 in a month or two. $CRM - No alternate to CRM salesforce and its customer base.$300 to $500 soon $DOCU - No alternate to DOCU and its institutional customers. $300 to $350 soon $TSLA - No alternate to Elon and 200 Years ahead of future business thinking.$750 by Thanks giving time. $AAPL - No alternate Mobile stock and its enormous cash reserves - Stable stock.$225 by Thanks giving sale.
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