$RTTR This holding in a TD Ameritrade account. Not seeing any changes / not surprised. Change usually happens day of. My assumption is that the final closing price is $0.4685. This was the last price in after hours. The conversion price of QLGN would be $11.71. Regardless, the merger split was determined to be 25 RTTR shares for ONE share of the new company (QLGN). Several people have tried to explain this, but I am posting this to try to avoid the same questions. Your broker will catch up to all this. Just have patience. Quoting someone who has tried several times, this is “Simply Math”. Below is a Summary of common questions. 1. Your current share total DIVIDED by 25 will equal your new share count of new QLGN. 2. Your current value will be MULTIPLIED by 25. 3. Break even calculation = Average Cost MULTIPLIED by 25. For example, if your average cost is $0.60, then your break even with QLGN would be $15.00. Hope this helps & hope we fly on day one!! GLTA!!!! 🍀