The third trial was a huge success with 75% and many companies looked to do BO but FDA found something that was not inline with their guidance and requested another one. They came back apologized but the damage has been done.
@Phoenixrise1 Explain what you mean by "broke everything two years ago for no reason," and you'll have me convinced. Everyone says "just read it", but when I provide information from the things they want me to read, they parrot the same thing: "Read some more."
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@Phoenixrise1 "It shouldn’t be a complete surprise to investors. In January, STAT columnist and analyst Adam Feuerstein warned of the same issues brought up in the FDA letter. Primarily, the issues were that the clinical trials didn’t compare Ampion to a control group. Maxx Chatsko, writing for The Motley Fool, says, “Instead, Ampio Pharmaceuticals reported how patients felt before and after taking the experimental therapy. Feuerstein stated that this very likely wouldn’t be enough to gain marketing approval. Turns out, he was right.” These seem to indicate only the contrary of "huge success".