$SRNE The entire country of Panama has been locked down since Christmas Eve. Men could go out Tuesdays & Thursdays. Women can go out Mondays , Wednesdays & Fridays. 2 hour time slots for essential shopping. Time period based on national ID number or passport to avoid crowds. Mandatory Masks & temperature checks upon entrance to every establishment. Been that way all year. Then look at Peru too... Point is, the USA's strictest lockdowns don't come close -- and it can't even stop record cases in Panama, where it's always 80 degrees & sunny. COVID isn't going away in 2021, to say the least. Vaccines are like throwing cups of water to put out a raging forest fire. It'll be big in 2022 as well, and beyond. Hopefully an endemic by 2022. Sorrento is doing important work. There can't be enough. Shortsellers could go to hell.
Tiny country. The recent surge makes past surges look non existent... But that is definitely not the case. Numbers in Brazil have been more consistent but obviously edging higher as in every other part of the world. Much bigger country like the USA & Mexico. More cases , less easily controlled.