@stockwatcherpro @TheShowfer holy fucking brainwashed. Get a vaccine because you can’t catch covid. Oh wait! Get it so you don’t get sick from covid. Oh wait. Get a vaccine so you can’t pass covid. Oh wait! Get a vaccine cuz Masser told you to. Ahhh. There ya go. Like a good little minion.
@MCSDSDB1 Go on over to reddit and collect your r/HermanCainAward. It's coming. Let me just take 30 seconds here to try and get through that thick ass skull. Vaccines were developed before Delta. Delta is more transmissible. More hosts -> more mutations -> which leads to...MORE VARIANTS. Vaccines are modern science - the technology changes to fit the data. They will eventually get even better at stopping transmission amongst vaccinated. Breakthrough infections in some vaccinated means they can transmit the virus. SO FUCKING WHAT. The greatest risk of transmission is among unvaccinated people who are much more likely to get infected, and therefore transmit the virus. Vaccines provide near total protection against severe disease. You, and unvaccinated nitwits like you, are clogging hospitals. Taking beds from cancer patients. Dying because you are a middle school science flunk out. Take a horse pill. Drink bleach. Watch YouTube. I don't give a shit. You are not a patriot. Just a dummy.