$CIDM Dramatically expanded streaming bus. Deals with samsung, roku, vizio, Xfinity, Sinclair, comcast etc. 300 contracts. 26 channels launched or under contract. Achieving 30 channels is a year ahead of schedule. 15.2 million viewers...up 238% Will add another 800k viewers by end of month. Paid subscribers up 45% last 6 months. Reaching 900 million devices globally. Highest digital content sales in company history in last 2 Quarters. Digital sales growth 78% last quarter. $5 million in overhead savings. EBITDA up 72% over prior year. Reduced debt by 21 million. What am I missing?
@Dogberry @stompingllama debt reduced by 21 million..contracts and viewers up the wazoo. Hopefully, it's preparing for liftoff. SWBI had an amazing blowout quarter last time, no debt, sold out inventory and gun sales secured for years and they plummeted...ridiculous. rigged market
@Pig2market @Dogberry Also that EBITDA figure was pretty misleading - that was only one segment. Overall EBITDA was down significantly. There are understandable reasons for that, but the numbers they led with were cherry-picked and didn't show the overall picture.