$TSLA $AMZN $MSFT Vaccine and treatment news HEATING UP. Answers within weeks not months. OPERATION WARP SPEED INITIATED BY TRUMP HAS BEEN A KNOCKOUT SUCCESS. Everyone knows with President Harris we go to Venezuela-like operations. She will destroy our country as we know it. Trump 2020!! Slay the virus! Unemployment next year at this time 3.5% with Trump. Everyone knows it! Just because you don't like his style doesn't mean you cannot vote for him with all his achievements! President Harris. Leader of the Free World. Who shudders at this??????
@stonesjoe BLM is a terrorist group. Throw in Antifa. Biden says NOTHING. His Presidential running mate, Harris, loves these groups. You have lost all sense of reason. WHILE IN OFFICE. Roosevelt, two extramarital affairs. Kennedy, multiple bimbo bed jumping WHILE IN OFFICE. Bill Clinton, do we need to even go there? WHILE IN OFFICE. Trump works his ass for his country. Even those that are pro infanticide. But if he wins, Ginsburg is sent to retirement as is Breyer. We go up 7-2. We can then undo all these corrupt Left Wing executive orders issued by Hussein and Corrupt Joe.