$DJIA Trump's trade deal's have been an absolute disaster. He didn't just divide America to help him politically, he divided the United States against it's allies, as he made friend's with all the dictators. How much more of a red flag do you need America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ? In the last few year's we lost tons of manufacturers jobs, that's before covid. DD what has Trump actually accomplished, not Onan news lies eather. He actually wasn't a good business man, less you count cheating banks, uncle Sam and contractors that helped build and fill his property. He surrounds himself with traitors and criminals, what did you think was gonna happen. He surrounds himself with the worst of the worst. Don't believe me, DD πŸ‘‡ Start with manafort, stone, and bannon, super fucked up dudes. Be patriotic, vote these punks out. Thanks. Bullish on America.
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