$CRDF $CRDF money.cnn.com/quote/quote.h... This distribution gives support to my hypothesis that Citadel along with Cowen are part of the shorties manipulating. I remember Cowen put out fraudulent release after the offering last fall, never flwd with a buy recommendation as part of the offering.. Citadel is also a market maker (severe conflict of interest) and has been sited as part of the major issues with meme stocks. Is CRDF become a meme stock..... Based upon the institutional buyers and sellers I would say it would qualify as one of their potential positions. If anyone can find out if Blackstone and Vanguard recently added to their positions we would be in great great shape in the very near future. "Stay with the process" buy and hold. I also highly recommend trying to get this trending on other sites. If we can do this CRDF will fly with the very limited float, high short % and institutional ownership. That doesn't even include the life saving quality of the product. We're in good shape