$AMC with covid cases breaking record numbers this could drop to the low teens. I'm not long or short, just giving my honest opinion.
@stpattylady @JacobBlessings yea really. I know regular covid was not a joke. But this new one? Give me a break. 37k people a day testing positive in Los angeles and no one is having major respiratory deaths. They are not even shutting anything down. The only thing that is happening is hospital's getting overloaded. There's an obvious problem with our Healthcare system.
@amc_diehardape @JacobBlessings agreed. I have taken the virus seriously and have take reasonable precautions but it is nuts where I am. People feeling well with no symptoms are standing in line for hours at crowded testing centers shoulder to shoulder. Talk about super spreader events in the winter. Omicron is being way overblown.