$EROS past two breakouts emerged out of relatively close double bottoms followed by consolidation and strong moves to the upside. first nov 19&21/22 at $2.09 (and actually slipped to print 2.07 on 11.22 before having rallying and closing green.) after a 35%+ run, dec 10&17 printed double bottoms at $2.96. this morning we could potentially meet the bottom made on 1.06.20. looking for buyers there on l2 at open. reminder: since monday, EROS has achieved well over 125 mil in traffic in both the Middle East and China as deals struck with Wasu Media (major cable television, broadband network OTT and IPTV service provider in China) and EUROSTAR (market leader in smart devices and value-added products across middle east 50+ countries.) latest statistic: 177.7 mil registered users 23.5 mil monthly paying subs globally we are still below friday's high before news broke. again, the market hasn't priced this in yet. look for double bottom + consolidation + breakout pattern
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