$RVP Closing Price = $1.66; up 4¢; Volume = 391K; Today was a perfect day for investors to continue to sell shares into the stock price strength of $RVP. It appears many investors did just that based on $RVP's closing price of $1.66, which ended 4¢ below today's opening trade, and 3.5¢ below today's VWAP of $1.6954. $RVP's stock price has gained 177% over the past 13-1/2 month (since January 1, 2019), and it will continue to be prudent to take profits prior to $RVP's 4th quarter earnings release (on or before Monday, March 30, 2020) because its earnings release will probably disappoint investors. As a result of the poor earnings, $RVP's stock price may decline back to the price level it was five months ago, which was below $1.00.
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