$TSLA shorts have their Cojones in a big vice.... SQUEEZE everybody....SQUEEZE!! co·jo·nes (kə-hō′nāz′, kō-hō′nĕs) pl.n. Vulgar Slang 1. The testicles. 2. a. Boldness or courage. b. Presumptuousness; nerve. [Spanish, pl. of cojón, testicle, from Vulgar Latin *cōleō*cōleōn-, from Latin cōleī, testicles, perhaps a colloquial variant of *culleī and akin to culleus, leather sack, probably a borrowing from an unknown Indo-European language of the Mediterranean and akin to Greek koluthron, ripe fig (perhaps originally "sacklike thing"), koluthroi, testicles, and koleon, sheath; see coleopteran.]
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