$NEOS The first 3 Quarters Neos shipped (1Q 60,813) (2Q 61,987) (3Q 72,051) units of Adzenys and (1Q 56,442), (2Q 51,410) (3Q 56,255) units of Cotempla. Aggregate prescriptions during the same time period (1Q 58,757) (2Q 53,390) (3Q 52,321) for Adzenys and (1Q 41,198) (2Q 32,667) (3Q 36,174) for Cotempla For the first 9 Months 194,851 units shipped vs. 164,468 aggregate prescriptions of Adzenys and 164,107 units shipped vs. 110,039 aggregate prescriptions of Cotempla. Why, especially with Cotempla, is there such a difference between shipped units and aggregate prescriptions? How are aggregate prescriptions calculated? Do refills count as one script or are each refill counted as an additional script? It doesn't seem reasonable that wholesalers would add this much inventory but the only other answer I can deduce is that refills are not added to script count therefore increasing units shipped. Hopefully someone can definitively explain why these numbers are so different.
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