$EYPT OCUL opened at ~$12 back in 2014. It ran to $44 and then tanked. It has never seen a price above it's open price of $12 beyond 2016! EYPT opened around $4 back in 2008. It dipped to lows of $$1.15 (and below) and ripped to highs greater than $3.5 at THREE points in time during it's existence! I'm waiting for OCUL fanboys to explain how they can cheer their stock for not hitting it's open price of $12 in over 4 years while mocking EYPT. And also...where's that $44 that trapped a ton of investors on the way up? At least thus far if you get trapped with EYPT you have a chance of reaching the highs because EYPT has been there and done that on multiple occasions. All just patience while the OCUL grasshoppers get their laughs in. Last laughs will be for those loading the boat with a company in the $0.50 zone that has proven to skyrocket multiple times. GL.
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