$CORV so i guess im not done posting...haha. everyone, do yourselves a favor and read through the most recent 6-k, and understand the debts (and how debt projections and payments are structured), the assets value (tangible and intangible, and multiples of sales, etc), sales growth, and finally, where they can cut costs in lieu of a company sale primarily (sg&a costs). for your convenience, ill attach a link. you can find all kinds of relevant, important info, and be better informed on the full situation, instead of listening to heresay, rumors, chicken little panic talk, pumping, etc. between 6-k and most recent ER call transcript, its all there. you all are my temporary business partners, and i want you all to be in the know and either leave when you unserstand risks and dont want to stay, or stand by your research with conviction. now do some dd, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. for example, things like this are included secfilings.nasdaq.com/filin... PHARMA CORP.&FormType=6-K&View=html
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