@FollowTheCash @Jayden1377 $GHSI Porter responds immediately as he did to me as well.. give it a try...hopefully you 2 idiots can find the time when you get off the couch in your mom's basement... It could be march as there could be more paper work being a public company...no big deal if its march... Bet if this goes to zero you will either blame guney or your step dads if you can one ...hopefully
@Guney1397 @Jayden1377 lol you would only email them if you truly care about there company. Now let’s be honest here Guney, you don’t. You’re obv just a bum trying to make quick profit. The only difference between me and you it’s that I’m gambling with pocket change while you clearly care so much and are gambling with money you need. Just sit back and hold an L.
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