@suriNotes have you had any experience trading c&hs when the stock is declining? Triggering a pos reversal. Oniels CH doesnt mention a declining stock unless Ive missed it.. I know he talks about certain indicators that make the CH stronger than others.. can you offer your opinion on CHs when the stock has been be steadly declining??
@ishbehavior Thanks... C&H patterns are mostly continuous patterns. They usually form at the top of the trends as prices pause and make a large dip followed small side-ways before continuing the prior trend. Most of the published research is on continuous C&H pattern structure and fits into "Trade with the Trend" logic. On rare occasions, they do form near the bottom of the down-trends but I have always avoided them. Some shallow Cups could be round-bottom patterns (bullish). They are easily to spot to trade. The other rare variations of C&H patterns is Inv. C&H patterns, which no-one talks about.
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