$WATT So Dialog’s CEO is likely only person who truly knows if today’s call is Truth or BS. Chips are in production for specific products .....or they’re not. So if WATT is hopeless- Dialog needs to begin to cut losses-but if Co’s are really lining up for 2019/20 rollouts then Dialog should step up and offer $25 -$35 Million line of credit to be re-paid when Tier 1 Rev realized or with enhanced Rev split or with % of WATT shares (double DIalog ownership stake for example). Same type of line could be offered by Tier 1 if Dialog unwilling. With QCOM/INTC BOD fire power - I’m buying the story....for now. Still post deception period. Let’s see how fast New Sound and ZPwr can bring products to market. Credibility now is everything.
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