Just entering time on $UPWK, honestly, what an inconsiderate UI/UX design, sincerely disrespectful to freelancers entering their time for the day. There are just two drop downs with long scrolls, no search or typing precision, no clock UI component, in the modern age. it demonstrates a lack of passion of customers. Upwork does this all over the place though, the clients are horrible, mostly "digital agencies" outsourcing all their work, chopping up the pay, the actual builders getting the short end of the deal, the agency doesn't project manage or even gather requirements well. I remember this client, completely ripped off their client, did a horrible job, circumvented Upwork for part of the pay and gave me these moldy, water damaged checks. It does sum up the Upwork connection between shiite client and freelancer. I keep meaning to start my short position but I am waiting for some kind of spike.
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