$AMC I just had a very weird thought, and I need my fellow Apes' input on it. I don't know much about YouTube, but if you used the slurs and language that Lou uses, would you be allowed to remain? And yet on Twitter, a woman hears that $70 is Citadel's breaking point, and she is yanked immediately. So the weird part is this: right as we approach Citadel's supposed breaking point, Lou suggests that he is shunting some of his money over to CLOV, because he wants to make money. This would be truly diabolical. Lou, who ostensibly hates "the devil," is hired by Citadel to garner a following and serve as a last sentry to stop our reaching $70. Citadel calls YouTube and says,"Keep him on." But they call Twitter and say, "Get rid of her." This idea is way out there. I would really appreciate your thoughts.