$SOS Isn't funny how when a small cap company that is profitable in finances decides to heavily invest in a market (crypto) that is lucrative and the new way of financial life it is considered a scam/fraud/etc. Claiming that $MARA and $RIOT are the real deal yada yada yada...yet, less than a year ago, both $MARA and $RIOT were trading at the same prices and began their climb... the hypocrisy is strong with these BEARS!!! Fuckin' Clowns!!! BULLISH AF!!!
@tankraid44 yeah the thing is, is that the company they got the miners from apparently doesn’t exist, and there is no real way for a third party to actually audit them so your just taking them for their word. Do you just trust somebody because they “say” they do it or do you actually want “proof” they are doing it?
@Stewbert1 the company has been in existence for 15years or so... but now it decides to be a scam... here is your link... fxk.com/ Find out who "China Rapid Finance" is... and look at where this company is located. 🎤 drop!