$NNDM the real story here is the tech. The confirmation of the story is the stock never went even close to the offering price. Based on the charts: hard resistance at the 3.35 level. We saw that level fail to break again today. The best action for this stock is if we inch our way to that level forming higher bases. The closer we get the more power will be behind the move to 4.19 and possibly 4.90. A lot of traders here accumulating a position. Buy the dips, sell the rips, buy the dips again. Until the wide ranges become more narrow, this will continue. I expect a break of the 3.35 level next week as the news of the offering closing is circulated. Now, flush with cash, they can start licensing this tech...or potentially have discussions with companies looking for acquisitions. Either way....in my opinion...this goes higher.
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