$CIDM not so sure it was an over-reaction as people are saying. The “trade” was to buy early last week, ride the hope of good earnings and sell in the mid 70’s. The next wave came as people soon realized that while the business has greatly improved, it will take a minute for their plan to bear fruit. Now, we are in the average down and investment phase. As mentioned in the call...there will be acquisition news this quarter and that this is seasonally the best quarter they have each year. The real question will be answered tomorrow. Will this slowly bleed for several weeks back to the mid 40’s....or will people actually see the improvements and invest now for a mid term hold. Key area I am watching is 55 cents. If we close tomorrow’s trade above that level, I see this inching forward as people wait for the pop of the next piece of news. I thought the guidance was good enough to grab 20k more shares after hours. 115k shares averaged at right around that .55 cent mark.
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