$CORV Trevyent & Correvio’s Involvement ——— United Therapeautics ($UTHR) has the best PAH treatment on the market - Treprostinil. The injection administered version goes by the brand name ‘Remodulin’ which accounts for more than $600M in annual sales. That’s almost 40% of United’s entire revenue stream. Patent deadlines are approaching that would end United’s sole proprietary rights to Trepronstinil. In order to extend the patent life, United has been developing several new administering methods w the drug. Trevyent (which Correvio holds commercial rights for across international markets) being one of them. Trevyent is the knight in shining armor for Remodulin.. Its easier to service, has disposable cartridges, reduces sepsis risks, & causes tremendously less pain at the injection site... United has already submit the NDA and since the drug itself has already been FDA approved, the timeline for this to hit the market would be quicker than most things in the BioPharm sector...
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