$TTOO regarding the RS... The meeting is set to take place on 8/6, just 2 days after Earnings Report is released. I do not believe this to be coincident timing. Company expects SP to raise organically from positive earnings & likely continued PR regarding EUA approval and COVID sales/contracts. I was previously in favor of the RS, as I was under the impression this would lead to a decrease in float size and prevent future short attacks. It has come to my knowledge that the float size will be the same regardless of RS or not. Additionally, we are already meeting listing requirements; therefore, only benefit of RS at this time appears to be to draw in institutions requiring SP > $5 to invest. I believe the company is expecting the SP to rise organically with coming news, therefore, I believe company will likely vote yes for the RS option, but no necessarily enact it. Company needs options to control their SP, doesn’t mean they will use it going forward with organic growth.
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