$TTOO haven’t been on the board for a while - come back & notice there seems to be a lot of panic & share price predictions short term. I’m long 10k shares in my retirement fund. Adding on dips. Technically speaking, and you won’t like this, but there isn’t really strong volume weighted support until 1.20s, then $1. I personally don’t see this going below 1.20s short term from the chart. Fundamentally speaking, what has changed? Revenue forecasts. Weakening covid demand led to less than expected T2Dx placements & therefore less revenue streams. Investors should expect slower T2Dx placements throughout 2021-2022 as similar pre-pandemic demand levels occur - nothing changed about T2Dx in 2020, but the added Covid test applicability drew new demand. This is now returning to normal. I expect possible scattered offerings from the company throughout 2021-2022 as they struggle for revenue. 2023 is pivotal year for next gen device & resistance panels. Multi billion $ valuation then...