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    Terry Kearns Joined Feb 25, 2012


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      Love the markets,not an expert, I trade stocks that are volatile or have potential to move . Always do your own DD. I will share some trading ideas ideally before they trigger as enjoy helping newbies learn.
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      Danielle MacMillan
      I believe that exit strategy is the driver of long-term investment success; Swing/Position Trader with 6-7 figure full-time jobs; I use ST for my own purposes; Also alerting doesn't mean one is trading. Know who to trust.
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      Warrior Trading Official Account
      In the Warrior Trading chat room we review the market and trade the biggest movers every day! Join here: Disclaimer:
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      Long-Biased Swing Trader, interested in 8, 21 and 50 Day Moving Averages, Double Bottoms & Fibonacci Retracement Targets to enter trades. Long Live FAANG and high Beta Tech stocks. BTFD.
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      Andrew Aziz
      Full time day trader focusing on US equities. Author of the best selling book "How to Day Trade for a Living". I am the founder of an online educational community for developing traders at
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      John Dodson
      Pro Day Trader - 30 years experience - former Director Finance / M&A for a major Communications Company in the Dow. Closed over $20 billion in M&A deals, DCF shareholder valuation modeling. Board Member numerous companies.
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      Live Traders
      Become a Profitable Trader NOW! Kickstart your trading career with our Free eBook, Download now #stockmarket #daytrading
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      Focus: Most profitable risk/reward scenarios, both long & short. MCSE, Fmr Nat'l IT Manager, 15+ years trading. Many claim to be great without making good calls. For my record, check my posts; which are not investment advice. Invest at your own risk
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      Dennis Dick Official Account
      CFA charterholder. Prop trader and market structure consultant with Bright Trading, specializing in pair trading, crutch trading, contrarian, technical, and algorithmic (HFT) trading. Views expressed here are for informational purposes only.
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      Peter Brandt Official Account
      Peter L Brandt. Classical chart trader since 1981. Author, #1 book, Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader. Trading real markets with real money in real time.