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howard lindzon
Howard Lindzon Executive Chairman

ST @HowardLindzon

Ian Rosen
Ian Rosen CEO

ST @ianrosen

Justin Paterno
Justin Paterno COO

ST @zerobeta

Jason Pang
Jason Pang Director of Commercial Operations

ST @Pan93r

Pierce Crosby
Pierce Crosby Director of Business Development

ST @CrosbyVenture

Eric Alford
Eric Alford Director of Engineering

ST @EricAlford

Anthony DiMarco
Anthony DiMarco Director of Technology

ST @anthonydimarco

Dave Pinke
Dave Pinke Director of Product

ST @DavePinke

Taylor Becker
Taylor Becker Director of Events and Operations

ST @taylorraebecker

Joe Bonsignore
Joe Bonsignore Director of Advertising Sales

ST @joebonsignore

Tim Rogus
Tim Rogus Director of User Experience

ST @trogus

Stefan Cheplick
Stefan Cheplick Director of Marketing

ST @scheplick

Michael Bozzelo
Michael Bozzello Community Manager

ST @michaelbozzello

Jeremy Skogen
Jeremy Skogen Lead Engineer

ST @jskogen

Tom Walpole
Tom Walpole Lead Engineer

ST @walpolet

Garrett Hoffman
Garrett Hoffman Senior Data Scientist

ST @garretthoffman

Samantha Boord
Samantha Boord Operations Associate

ST @samanthaboord

Scott Steinhardt
Scott Steinhardt Head of Editorial

ST @scottfromny

Romaine Hinds
Romaine Hinds Senior iOS Engineer

ST @rkhinds

Jason Khabra
Jason Khabra Senior Android Engineer

ST @jasonkhabra

Adam Fahy
Adam Fahy Senior Frontend Engineer

ST @afahy

Maricela Chan
Maricela Chan Designer

ST @maricelac

Phill Moorman
Phill Moorman Growth Marketer

ST @ThisGuyPhill