$CTSO Just uploaded to You Tube, a short presentation "Extracorporeal Therapies in Sepsis - My Options": youtube.com/watch?v=ceN2aUR... Dr. Mehta is the Chairman of Critical Care and Anaesthesiology at Medanta Institute of Critical Care, which is a multi-specialty medical institute based in India. He has been credited for over 200 publications and 250 presentations at conferences and was pas president if ISCCM. This is a short 5 minute presentation with no sound but gives a good overview of sepsis and compares the three primary adsoprtion therapies out there (essentially Cytosorb competition). You will see that even though Cytosorb doesn't remove endotoxins just yet like Toraymysxin and Oxiris the data shows it is superior at removing cytokines.
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Conclusion: "In the present study, we could observe the following outcomes with Cytosorb therapy: - Reduction in Vasopressor requirement - Hemodynamic stabilization - Improvement in Sepsis Scores i.e. SOFA & APACHE II Improvement in Lab Parameters We also observed that survival outcome was better in patients where Cytosorb was used within 48 hours of septic shock and the chanes of survival decreased with the delay in the initiation of Cytosorb therapy"
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