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      iKash iHussey
      I enjoy trading stocks that has #Fundamentally #Technically #Breakoutpotentiality #Breakoutyear2017 . Note: Post are JMO only! DYDD. Lets help each other. Thanks.
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      Proprietary pivot point theory mixed with trend, momentum & volatility analysis to plot realistic & reliable targets for day traders. Enhance your existing strategy. Performance report for each target level. 100% of membership fees go to charity.
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      S D
      In a December 1997 issue of Barron's, a Merrill Lynch poll found that the top strategy among 122 institutions surveyed was to buy stocks of companies that exceed earnings expectations and sell the companies that fall short.
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      Luce Richard
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      Paban Pandey Official Account
      19 years in industry. Equities. Macro. Technicals. Derivatives.
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      Know when to buy upon a confirmed rally & sell far before a deep correction or crash. Since humans are innately emotional beings, we've automated an algorithmic buy & sell signal that only gets triggered when defined rules are met.
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      JHU Masters / Banking expert / Focus on cash-settled index options / "Amateurs focus on anticipating returns, professionals focus on managing risk"
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      Steve Patterson Official Account
      37 years Trading Experience. Floor Trader, Prop Trader, Institutional Consultant. Day trading for a living but Swing Trade for Retirement. Trading Coach for a free 20 min consultation skype me at ssptrader
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      Richard Crockett
      Stock market Technical trader - publisher stock market website, comprehensive weekly newsletter - daily video of break out or break down stocks. Site has live chat room with experienced traders. Twitter -
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      Sean D. Emory Official Account
      Sean D. Emory is CIO and Founder of Avory & Co. Columnist. Author of He managed the Stetson University endowment as equity/fixed income analyst. Small Cap analyst at KCM Asset Management. See it Market Contributor.
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      YCharts Official Account
      The Financial Terminal of the Web.
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      Jesse Felder Official Account
      Formerly Bear Stearns then co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm. Now an independent trader and publisher at The Felder Report.
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      OptionScan Official Account
      DATA is the new OIL. This app is more like refining and data processing instrument. it's up to u to use that data to ur advantage to mint some money 💰
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      Option Bob
      Full time trader. Mostly leveraged ETFs, average holding period: 1-2 days. I post screenshots of all entries/exits. For real time notifications go to:
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      Started with 2k in account in 2006, made more than 900k from 2010-2016. Beat s&p handsomely every year since 2009. Joined stocktwits to help people and have fun! Follow me for trade ideas! Do your DD, none of these are trade recommendations.
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      Dr. Stoxx
      Since 2002, has been offering stock pick letters, trading systems, webinars, private coaching, and a managed account service! Dr. Stoxx, aka, Dr. Thomas K. Carr, is the author of the bestseller, "Trend Trading for a Living."
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      I stream my day trading online via YouTube Live. Come join me in the chat room! Hit follow and subscribe for more! No BS, Just Making Money!! Charted Market Technician (CMT) Level 2 Candidate.