$SQQQ just wondering on what grounds do people trade off this guy (technical, news, gut feeling, personal observations, etc). Some people might be "hoping" something would happen in their favor and double / triple down because they had some initial loss and just want to get it back in one shot. "Shelter-in-place / home" guidelines probably are creating more "day traders" in this climate, not to mention those people who have lost their jobs / jobs suspended and might be trading stocks to generate some income. I know this is a trading forum and not some type of "stocking trading addiction" self help group, but I sure hope people don't lose a fortune to a degree that affects their daily lives with their families because I went through the same thing in the past. It was not fun at all and is going to take a long time to make it back if you continue to double and triple down, imo. Manage your position size and don't let you emotions take over you.
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