$GEVO Message texmade2 Bullish 8/19/20, 10:40 PM $GEVO will be moving up very soon, best hold or regret it 1 Hydr0 8/19/20, 11:35 PM @texmade2 whats ur reasoning? why shouldnt i ride telsa for 2 months. or until GEVO is about to make a profit on paper? cause apparently contracts and future profit doesnt matter. Brooksey85 8/20/20, 06:01 AM @texmade2 Literally nobody believes this, will rise to max 62-63 if we are lucky, loads will run, will fall to 54 and repeat. i am invested aswell to make it worse texmade2 Bullish 8/20/20, 09:14 AM @Brooksey86 well well at 1.20 _SpacePirate_ 8/20/20, 12:17 PM @ryanljohnson08 @texmade2 RIP texmade2 8/20/20, 01:35 PM @_SpacePirate_ @ryanljohnson08 I made 50 g on GEVO TODAY , yes I will rest in peace, but still looking for $5
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